28 April 2008


Sh-h-h... everyone is sleeping except for Marielle. It's 10 pm! How life changes once the kiddies have kiddies and come for a visit.

A house full of family! How fun. Two little girls--one almost three and one just 3-1/2 months. So many giggles and so much love!

Racing cars and Play Dough and hopscotch and t-ball and soccer balls and books and stuffed toys and so may fun things.

And then there is the food! Lots of snacks and drinks and meals to plan and prepare. Check out the recipe for Chicken Tequila Fettuccine in the original California Pizza Kitchen cookbook. Even the three year old can't resist!

The original! Spinach fettuccine with chicken; red, green, and yellow peppers; red onions and fresh cilantro in a tequila-lime and jalapeno cream sauce.

In the meantime everyone has jetlag--in the recovery phase, but bedtime comes early and naps are scattered throughout the day.

Tomorrow will be Starbucks and horses and daffodils along the roadside. Our village has "The Daffodil Project" and they are peak. The shrubs and trees are beginning to bloom and today we had big wet snowflakes and almost freezing temperatures. Springtime in the midwest continues.

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