18 April 2008


Two-thirds of the way through the biscotti bakeoff experiment. The first batch was my original recipe, adapted from Bon Appetit December 1992 issue--Orange, Chocolate and Hazelnut Mandelbrot: substituted almonds and added finely chopped dried cherries. The directions tell you to shape the [very sticky] dough into a loaf for the first baking. It ALWAYS spreads out too much, so I used a 12" loaf pan. You don't get the nice dome on top... As you can see, there was too much dough for a 12" pan so I got super-sized biscotti [on right]. Yummy!

The second go-round [on left], I made 1/2 the recipe in a 10" loaf pan and substituted finely chopped pecans and coconut and diced dried pineapple. Lovely.

The third version will be peanutbutter, pecans, and chocolate chips...

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