01 July 2016

Great Aunt Roxy

Great Aunt Roxy's Oatmeal Crisps, on speed. 

I never met Roxy. She was my MIL's favored aunt who passed down her love of cooking and baking. My MIL can bake the world's best pies. She made me a better cook by inspiration and example. She and my sister NC delight in reading recipes; trying new techniques and concoctions. I've learned greatly under their tutelage. 

Roxy was born near the turn of the century, at home in Astoria, IL. She died a single lady in 1983. Her entire career was spent as a cook for that small town's public schools. By the time I married into Roxy's family she was confined to a nursing home; I never met her but her family still shares memories (and recipes) from her kitchen. 

Today, I added dried cranberries-chocolate chips-M+Ms to Roxy's recipe. But, the original is mighty fine. 

Another of my changes: I always oven-toast the nuts (walnuts or pecans). 

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