18 April 2016

Lately: After the Beach

Sunset on Dufield Pond. Our first night home after the beach.

We came home from Virginia Beach knowing CA had a Heart Catherization test on Friday, leading up to Mitral Valve repair: open-heart surgery on St. Patrick's Day. Thankfully, tests gave an all-clear on any additional heart issues. And, he was a star heart-surgery patient. We continue to be impressed with the physicians and staff, the care and competence we've experienced at Advocate Lutheran General in Park Ridge. 4 weeks post-surgery and he's regaining his stamina and healing beautifully.
I'd rescheduled my mammogram during all this and I finally had my annual screening on Friday, 4/8. Got my first-ever call-back! Scary until I did the research and found how low the percentages are that a call-back means real issues. We prayed a lot, but I was determined to not let the week-long wait be obsessive. And, I decided to not set off an alarm. I just didn't talk about the call-back.

Today, I'm blessed with an all-clear! The good news is that they've taken a closer-than-normal look at my breasts and there's nothing suspicious lurking undetected. I know how blessed I am, as I had breakfast yesterday with a friend who very recently got different news. She's Stage 2, has had a sizable lumpectomy and is waiting to hear if she will require chemo in addition to 8-weeks of radiation.
CA has decided that we are making reservations at a nice restaurant to celebrate all our recent blessings.

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