02 December 2014

The Laundromat

Prideful people like moi actively avoid any form of public do-it-yourself-laundry (Just rephrased that from self-laundry. Ah-hem...) That's why our pouffy comforter has been unwashed since purchase. And, I'm not reminding anyone just when it was purchased other than to say it was not in 2014.
Now I can procrastinate with the best of them. Plenty of experience. Got that one down pat. But, when I'm a bit low I make myself do one task I dread at least once a day. Builds up my self-esteem. There's nothing so much a downer as repeatedly walking past the same pile of papers, the cluttered island, the laundry sorted piles, procrastinating throughout the day.

So, today after the gym and library, I bundled up our king-sized comforter, checked out my laundy options on Mr. Google, and headed out. I did not enjoy my chore. But, I pressed on knowing that the clean comforter will be a daily boost, and the sense of failure I've stewed in nightly is gone! When I draw the covers up to my chin tonight, I will be smiling and giving myself a silent high-five.

For sure, the laundromat met many of my low expectations but the attendent was smiling, helpful, and kind. And, I spent all my 2+ hours of waiting time tucked into my car, sitting in the sun with my iPad.

If that's not lemonade out of lemons, than I'm not Marielle!

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