22 December 2014

Family Celebrations

The Jacobs' family celebration in Peoria, IL. (CA and I were not able to attend on 12/21.) Sister #3, NC's family were at home in Seattle.

Great nieces and nephews.
Sister #2, GJ, and her husband. 
GJ's oldest son's family. 5 out of their 6! sons.
The rest of GJ's grandchildren, minus one.
My oldest sister, JL, and GJ's husband.
JL with her grandchildren.
Sister #5, PM. That's GJ's husband, again!
They forgot to take a photo of PM's husband.
PM's older son's family. The two in front are twins.
PM's younger son's family.
The two bookends are twins.
Yes! Two sets of twins!

We were with our Small Group family that same evening...

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