11 April 2013


(This is so much cuter in real life. What's with the red jewelry overload?
The dress has fushia pink. Not even close to red. )
Our walk-in closet is snarling at us. Daily. Sometimes two or three times a day. There had been a strategy... But, seasons change (as do sizes) and the fat white hangars were fighting each other for space. I've been craving the sight and feel of new t-shirts, while the hanging bar displayed a couple of dozen.
I sometimes fantasize about a dozen white t-shirts and 5 or 6 pairs of crisp denim and/or black pants. A closet full of simple, quality, casual living. Maybe a dressy dress and a skirt or two. And, 3 or 4 crisp, no-iron menswear shirts in pink and blue and white.
But, first I have to weed and sort and divest.
In reality, I can't seem to edit to that optimum level, but yesterday and today I've made drastic progress. I've relentlessly sorted through three walk-in closets and our main coat closet. I emptied my 4-drawer dresser--tossing out sox, pj's, and fading underwear. Slacks, jeans, vests, and t-shirts were vanquished from their closet hideaways. Three pairs of shoes, a summer purse, and a black leather wallet were given walking papers. Exercise clothing has been exorcised.
All the better to fit in my recent shopping successes:
While at the beach in December I found a great print cotton skirt and medium grey t-shirt for afternoons with friends or just when I want to make a bit of effort for myself. My dark jean jacket is the perfect topper.
A few days ago I found a dressy-casual Anne Klein dress (above) for summer celebrations, a slippery black-cream-green flowy top to pair with black linen capris or slacks, and a perfect LBD.

Last night I ordered seven 3/4 length sleeved t-shirts from Talbots (30% off)--(3) white, (2) black, (1) fushia pink, and (1) bright lime. Some are v-neck and some ballet. 3/4 sleeves are my absolute favorite.
I ditched (2) white no-iron shirts and have my eye on a new pink and white striped, and also one or two white menswear, no-iron shirts.
Is there anything better than a fresh, bright white cotton shirt?! Well, maybe the perfect length, slimming dark wash or black jeans...
So, I'm feeling a bit smug. I haven't reached that much-fantasized level of simple dressing, but I now know what I own and what I need.
And, that's something to celebrate.

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