25 November 2012

Sunday in the City

CA is visiting his mom in Central Illinois, so best friend RvH and I drive into Chicago for the early service at Fourth Presbyterian on North Michigan Avenue. Soul food. The best. Sets the mood for a fun and lovely day.

RvH needs some gift cards from American Girl and Victoria's Secret. I have a gift card at Nordstrom's and a secret. After a bit of subterfuge, we arrive at the pay-point in the lingerie department at Nordstrom's where I announce to RvH that a big part of her Christmas present this year from me is a bra-fitting appointment. Can't tell if she's tickled, scared, or game but she soon heads off with the fitter. After about 20 minutes RvH reappears--this time definitely tickled and convinced that every girl should have a proper fitting.

We follow our developing tradition and have brunch at the Cafe on the 3rd floor, stashing a chocolate-dipped macaroon (for me) and a big chocolate cookie (RvH) to enjoy later this evening.

It's after 4:00pm when I finally make it home--CA arrived home around 1:00pm. Long and lovely day with my friend followed by a leisurely evening with CA. No one needs dinner here tonight!

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