22 December 2011


I have a new haircut. A very odd haircut. It has me puzzled. I'm remembering another frightening haircut from many years ago. My stylist had suggested I have another person in the salon cut my hair while she was on maternity leave. The other person was her niece--a stylist with a much hipper vibe. I liked the way she cut and colored my hair.

My original stylist was part of a family who may or may not have been Sicilian... Every family get together had fall-out. Eventually she quit speaking to her niece, and the young lady left the salon for a friendlier situation. I took my business to the new salon.

Eventually, the young lady followed a boyfriend to Colorado, so I (with much trepidation) returned to my original stylist for a haircut. She cut my hair. She chopped my hair. She obliterated my tresses. Not one hair on my head was longer than 1/2". I was shorn.

Did she exercise retribution for my disloyalty? I've always believed it to be so. Still I continued seeing her (successfully) for several years until she moved out of state.

Now, for many years I'd gone to a different upscale salon, paying prohibitive prices. I've had good haircuts and great color. Earlier this year I saw someone with a great haircut and highlights at the local Starbucks and asked who did her hair. It turned out that her stylist was less expensive and just minutes from my home, so I made the switch. Now this stylist is pregnant and will soon be less available, so I decided to go back to the upscale salon.

There will be no photos of my new haircut. I have been spiked and shorn. I'm not certain what is going on here, but I believe I have again had revenge enacted upon me. Can it really be true? One look in the mirror convinces me that someone really had it in for me.

For now, I am salon-less. No real problem because it will be months before I have enough hair to require a cut.

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