25 December 2011


The three of us enjoy a quiet Christmas morning knowing that in just a few hours we'll each be with our grandchildren.

RvH and I have already exchanged gifts, and CA and I have limited our wrapped gifts to one each since this family vacation is our big gift. My gift from CA is a wine-red velour at-home outfit. Cozy and lovely. CA's gift is a surprise--a digital clock radio for his iPhone. And, for RvH I've found a very blingy rhinestone-studded cuff. It dazzles.

A lovely morning with sunshine and temps in the low 60s, we're out on the beach just before noon sharing this paradise with RvH. By 2:30pm her daughter-in-law and two grandchildren arrive with hugs and shouts and lots of questions.

By dinnertime CA and I have had a relaxing break and are ready to prepare the long-awaited special meal: rack of baby lamb, oven-roast potatoes, and tiny peas in a minted butter sauce. YUM!

Our little girls and parents arrive tomorrow late afternoon. We'll be together 4 or 5 days and have plans for biking on the beach and a day in Charleston where we'll take the horse and carriage tour of the historic area.

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