11 May 2008


Have decided to only work contract/freelance from now on, so the past couple of weeks I have been interviewing agencies [as they interview me!] to set-up a network to provide temporary work assignments of 1 to 8 weeks duration. I get to stay in charge of my life and determine if and when I take time off.

I truly feel that I have the right network in place and have accepted my first 8-week assignment in Chicago beginning toward the end of May. In order to firmly establish my identity with the agents, I am preparing lovely bouquets of peanutbutter/chocolate/pecan cookies [Monster Cookies in our family parlance] to ship to each.

Found just the right container at The Container Store and now want to go back and buy ALL they have. And, my dear friend gave me just the perfect enclosure cards to send a very jazzy and tasty message and make me "unforgettable!"

I train for two days beginning Monday and then wait for the final start date for the 8-week assignment. Reality is just around the corner.

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