24 June 2016

Now that We're Home

So happy to find everything green and lush at home, after 5 weeks in Colorado. 

We arrived home just in time for l'heure bleu, or the magic hour if you prefer. 

We'd celebrated Father's Day a week early in CO, but I put together a special meal for CA.

I've been interested in using Trader Joe's jarred peach halves for a pie as my expensive forays into freezing peaches have been less than successful. My favorite pie is a rustic version. CA loves pie. 

My primary focus since we've been back on Dufield Pond has been gathering appropriate plants for our window boxes and large pots. I'm finally ready to get my hands dirty and repot my finds. 

Our DIL introduced me to the idea of using Lady Bugs as an organic method to control aphids, mealybugs, spider mites, etc. Something damages my perennials, so I've ordered these from Hirts Garden through Amazon. 

CA is visiting GG today while I get moving on my summer projects. We worked together last night to make a treat for her. She's 88-years old and deserving of our efforts. 

These are my Monster cookies--peanut butter-chocolate chip loaded with pecans. Our recipe calls for making them over-sized, but for GG we felt a traditional size is better. To enjoy and to share. 

This is half the recipe. The other half is shaped into balls and frozen. Our daughter's family and some friends will use our home during CA and my next trip to CO, and they'll be happy to find treats ready to freshly bake.

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