25 February 2016


My dad has been hospitalized after a fall at his senior apartment. They discovered he has had an E. coli infection. Ugh! Today one of my sisters, my brother and I visited at Peoria Methodist Hospital. He's rehabbing now and will, hopefully, go back home soon. My brother took this "flattering" photo as my dad enjoyed his lunch.

My sweet Aunt Margie had an eventful Wednesday night, ending up in the ER before 5:00am. No one is quite sure what happened, but it appeared she had a fall and had twisted her knee. She's no longer able to accurately report, so everyone goes on assumptions... At least, she was back at her assisted living facility before lunch time--not too much worse for the wear.

My sister Gloria and I checked in on her again late afternoon.

Aren't these vintage mannequins adorable?! The lady who arranges these vignettes monthly at Skylines (Aunt Margie's facility) is part of a family who owned the Ben Franklin in Peoria Heights for many decades.

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