13 August 2010


LG is growing up so very fast. Long arms and long legs, a ready smile, and a heart full of love. This week she very intentionally set out to master a two wheeler, telling her mommy many times that she was going outside to practice. Finally, on Wednesday she was ready for her debut and proudly rode her small bike back and forth from fence to gate, repeatedly, smiling the whole way.

And, she's been practicing her letters and sounds this summer with her mommy--the Slovak alphabet and phonetics. This week MK wrote out simple words so that LG could match the letters and the sounds of the Slovak language. Later when DM came home from work, LG proudly announced that she could read. She ran to get the paper with the simple Slovak words, and read out: tree, car, fence... Yep, just that way: tree, car, fence. Not: strom, auto, plot.

LG took her Slovak reading lesson and translated it for her daddy! That's our bi-lingual beauty.

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