08 April 2010


Our very expensive and not-yet two-year old laptop is dead. As a door nail. Hm-m-m, why are door nails dead? I digress...

I'm very, very mad that our society feels much is so very disposable. Like electronics. We have to buy a new laptop soon, but for now we are getting by with our older desktop computer. Amazing that in most cases you can't fix a laptop. It's cheaper and expected that you just replace it every couple years or so. In which case, does anyone need a $179.00 battery that was used for a mere two weeks?

I'm far from a Ludite, but I live very, very comfortably without an iPhone, Blackberry, or iPad. I don't Facebook, Twitter, Tweet, or text. Come on... I already have arthritis in my thumbs from overusing keyboards over the years as part of my employment, and those keyboards were HUGE! If I'd had to cramp my fingers and thumbs into little spaces on that micro-mini keyboard PDA's (do people still call them that?) sport, my hands would already be claws. I fear for all my fast-fingered friends. The day is likely to come when you regret your micro-mini keyboard dependencies.

And, don't get me started on high heels and flip flops. Plantar Fascitis. Flip flops. Chronic pain and limping. I still lust after flip flops, but wear them as a treat not a uniform. Sigh. I mourn my flip flops. And, I'm terrified to think what awaits for all the young and not-so-young women who live in their stilettos.

For many reasons I've had to wear conservative shoes my entire life, and still my feet suffer. The only thing worse than foot pain in back pain, and I think both should be within the expectations of all the fashionable ladies who love their heels. I certainly don't wish pain on anyone, but logically--looking at the shear physics of size, shape, and height of the shoes compared to the size, shape, and fragility of the foot--it's kind of the square peg-round hole thing, and there will be a revolt.

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