07 September 2009


It all started out in a very ordinary way--the days have been mild and the nights cool, so comfort food was sounding good.

I took two pounds of very nice ground beef, mixed in a chopped onion, some bread crumbs, a couple of eggs, some milk, and seasonings. Then, the oven didn't work, so, the meatloaf in its crockery mixing bowl was covered with foil and relegated to the freezer.

After a few days the oven was repaired ($250) and I pulled the meatloaf from the freezer. A bit later while the meat was still more than half frozen I realized it would not thaw in time for dinner, so I stuck it back in the freezer. No harm, no foul.

Then today I pulled it out of the freezer again--looking forward to that comfort meal. After a bit I dumped the meat out of the bowl and into a square Pyrex baking dish, thinking it would thaw faster with the low sides and less insulation. At dinner time the meat was still frosty, so I decided to break it up a bit and knead it into a more evenly distributed mass.

As I lifted my hands with the meat, the Pyrex baking dish shattered! It happened so fast--I was astounded because it seemed to fall apart in mid-air. Later I realized that the baking dish probably dropped to the counter top as I lifted the meat. The glass flew and I felt it hit my bare feet, but no blood...

I just stood there for a few seconds and then the blood started gushing at the base of my left big toe. I grabbed a paper towel, shouted for CA, and headed to the tub to rinse the toe. It gushed! But, the cut was shallow and small enough that I could see no stitches were required--just a tight bandage.

Of course, the meatloaf ended up in the garbage and I ended up in bed with my foot elevated for the rest of the evening. CA made a run to CL and got us each a yummy chopped salad at Portillo's.

When a meatloaf goes wrong, it just goes bad! However, I am still craving meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy.

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Marielle said...

After the cut on my big toe healed, I realized that I must have nicked a nerve because even the smallest touch sent electic currents of pain through the toe. Even the most comfortable shoe was a challenge. Meatloaf revenge! After three more weeks, the pain is nominal and life is good.