13 July 2008


The weather we have been having! My train stopped 5 miles outside of our village on Thursday night because of weather conditions... Their orders came from Union Pacific in Omaha. We were there for one hour. After 30 minutes an amazing cloud shelf slowly passed over our train with high winds in its wake. They had predicted hail, but it didn't materialize.

This is the 4th or 5th storm this summer that has brought down tree branches and limbs, scattering leaves across roadways and yards. We have escaped damage, so far, and our grass is very green without having to resort to the sprinkling system.

I don't really mind the rain. I love a dark, rainy day. Makes me a little moody and happy to be inside with a good book and time for a nap.

The job ends on Tuesday, and it is past time. Still very slow, with an occasional blip of activity. The people have warmed up to me--said some nice things--but I sure would hate for this to be a permanent job. The consensus is that it is so SAFE and the benefits so outstanding that no one leaves. Their little hearts and souls atrophy and it is obvious that inactivity breeds contempt and pettiness...

I keep gaining weight. Have finally decided that it is because after a 12-hour day I arrive home, eat a full meal, and fall asleep shortly thereafter. The very worst for my metabolism.

Missing those little girls in Europe and that little guy in Omaha. They just grow and change so very quickly. We have a trip to Omaha in less than two weeks, but it will be mid-November before we get to Europe. Unless a very miraculous fare discount falls my way.

A full, sunny summer day ahead. Have to spend time gathering stuff for the community garage sale next weekend. What a relief to clear out more STUFF.

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