31 March 2008


Ah-h-h Paris. I'm daydreaming about going back soon. I may have to be content with a virtual visit as I read Clothilde Dosoulier's upcoming release Clothilde's Edible Adventures in Paris. I thought it was to be out this week but just noticed that the release date is April 22. Her book tour last year brought her through Chicago and we had a delightful luncheon and visit with her at Froggy's in Highwood.

It's been just a year since I took my small granddaughter for her first visit to Paris. Who knew there were so many playgrounds scattered throughout the city? And, the carousels! There seems to be one on every corner. Liliana had her first and her fifth ride while there.
Seeing Paris through a child's eyes was a treat. She chose her first umbrella and then a blue beret. And, the children's clothing stores are superb--Du Pareil au même is my favorite. Each location has a variety of styles and the prices are quite reasonable.

My all-time favorite stop is always E. Dehillerin for cookware and supplies. It's kind of like my Las Vegas. I have to go in with a "limit" or I could go for broke. A few of my favorites from last year's trip...

photo from remodelista

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