26 February 2008


Phew! Couldn't have squeezed much more into three days in London. Not enough time to take the Tube into the City today, so headed early to Heathrow for a Costa Coffee and a stationery store--a weakness of mine. Picked up some A4 paper and envelopes--just for fun--and a spiral notebook for more organized note making. I have such a variety of slips of paper from this trip--things I did, things I want to do, things to remember. . .

And, since Heathrow is a city unto itself, I head for the Post in Terminal 2 to purchase a padded envelope so that the Wellies get sent on their way to my three-year old granddaughter in Central Europe. No need to carry them to the U.S. and then pay way more to mail them back!


Also, Boots has several Heathrow locations and I picked up more tubes of the E45 moisturizing cream I discovered on this trip. I love it! Originally found it during my Tesco run to secure the shampoo, toothpaste, etc. that my no frills hotel couldn't provide.
A traveler's tip--check with the gate agent to see if there is bulkhead seating available. These seats are usually assigned at the gate. I was lucky enough to secure an aisle bulkhead seat, and ended up with an open seat on each side. Pure luxury in coach class!

Chicago is snowbound. A couple of feet--no kidding--fell the day we left for Europe, and then our village got another hit just yesterday. Sure wish I could take this London spring with me. It has been a delight.

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Marielle said...

Target now sell Boots personal care and makeup products! Yummy!