04 May 2015

Auto-Immune Disorder

Whew! Not a journey I expected. But, after vague and varied symptoms for several years, and very specific and life-style impacting symptoms since mid-summer 2014, I'm determined to get to the bottom of this. Name it. Claim it. Tame it.

My visit with the female Rheumatologist I was eventually sent to (after 9 months of consulting with my longtime Internist; and some scattered bloodwork) fell far short of my hope and expectations. She is a poor listener and did a clumsy, hurried exam. i.e., She examined me by running her hands over and palpitating my body trunk and limbs through my jeans and long-sleeved t-shirt and sweater. Yep! That felt really thorough and professional.

Amazingly, she diagnosed Tendonitis in my upper and lower left arm, Bursitis in both hips, and some alignment and muscle issues in the right side of my upper back. Then she sent me away with some overly-Xeroxed pages of exercises for the Bursitis, and, illogically, Plantar Faciitis. And, two prescriptions that I did not want or plan to fill. She said she'd review my Internist's patient notes and the test results previously accumulated in my medical records to determine further testing requirements.

I'm a good patient so when I got home I attempted to decipher the Bursitis exercises and Googled exercises for Tendonitis. After concluding the Xeroxed pages to be of zero help, I spent some time reviewing online videos of appropriate PT, and figured out which Yoga positions and movements will be therapeutic for Bursitis and Tendonitis. I will do these exercises, faithfully.

After some thought, I'd planned to cancel the follow-up appointment because I've recently decided to change Internist's--have a fresh start with a female physician; a clear perspective. I was going to let my new Internist, Dr. ME, decide whether I need a Rheumatologist and whom that might be. And, I'm not filling the two Rx's until Dr. ME evaluates.

Then, the Rheumatologist called me this morning recommending some specific bloodwork and testing. Causing me to re-process and re-evaluate. She for sure won't be my Rheumatologist going forward, but I've decided to get the testing done so that my new Internist can get a full and complete picture of my health status when we meet for the first time on June 15.

That's my story. Let's see if I stick to it!

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